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I am Jordie and as someone who loves and follow everything about Eurovision and wanted to know more about other countries of their music I joined the Song Festival as the Netherlands.

This is how it works:

You’re a delegation of a country which participate in the heats. (except the Big 5 + host + wildcard winner) There are three heats. If you’re in Heat 1 you need to vote for heat 2, heat 2 for heat 3 and heat 3 for heat 1. All points will be added up and the top countries will qualify.

After the heat there is the Final Chance, the final chance will be determined by a professional Jury.

After the Final Chance there will be the Grand Final, all qualifing countries from the Heat and Final Chance will be in the Grand Final with the host country, Big 5 and the wildcard winner. The voting will be 50% Jury and 50% voting from the delegations. The points will be added up and then we have a winner that can host the next edition.

Some things you need to know

  • When you don’t vote you get disqualified
  • If you win the edition, you must participate in the edition because you are the host.
  • The song can’t be older then 8 months.

How to get tickets?

  • Voting for the National Final (1 ticket)
  • Getting new delegations to the contest (3 tickets)

The tickets will be put in bowl and one country gets pulled out and is automatically in the final.

 Don’t hesitate and Spark your Spritit! 

Having any other questions, just ask them!

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you can send a mail to with which country you want to be, the artist and song.

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Let's do a thing and ask questions and general Eurovision stuff. ⇢


Join Us for … something. Later on tonight, about 20:30 BST ish… 

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is ther a london eurovision party hangout on the way?

Yes! We will do one this Saturday! 


Slight change of plan. Rather than broadcasting and recording our hangout, we thought it would be a good idea (plus broadcasting isn’t working :( ) to have a general hangout like the good old days. So if you want to #JoinUs, send a message to our inbox and we will send you the link to join. 


Tonight we will be having our live discussion about Eurovision In Concert. We will be answering your questions and discussing the event from 8pm BST. We will post the link later.

We hope you can #JoinUs, but if not, send your questions to our ask box and we will answer then in the broadcast for you.


We have infiltrated Eurovision in concert! Front row.

#JoinUs for the Europal 2014 Preview chat. ⇢


Upcoming Europal Eurovision Events

Eurovision 2014 preview tinychat: Watching all this years entries together. Sunday 30th March 8pm (BST, clocks in England go forward 1 hour on Sunday)

Eurovision in Concert Q&A: A chance to ask questions to those who attended EiC. Will either be done as a tinychat or a hangout/live stream. Tuesday 8th April 8pm (BST). 

London Eurovision Party Q&A: A chance to ask questions to those who attended LEP. Will either be done as a tinychat or a hangout/live stream. Tuesday 15th April 8pm (BST). 

Times and dates subject to change, so check on eurovisionassemble. Please #JoinUs